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I am a eighty nine year old, who has been diabetic for some years. I came across Gai Howard’s colloidal silver gel some years ago, and wouldn’t be without it. Two years ago I was in hospital to have a blocked area in my leg cleared. Well, I had two and nothing could be done. This then caused the ‘pad’ of the big toe to crack. So I started using the gel. When I saw the doctor 2 weeks later, she checked the toe and said ” What ever you are doing, keep doing it.” I have had 2 ulcers on my leg and have healed them with the “silver”. I also massage the spot on my leg where the blockage is, and it has improved greatly. I wouldn’t be without the Colloidal Silver Gel.

Many Thanks

Joy, Walley 2020

Hi Gai,
Thanks heaps I love the silver & use it on everything.

Kind regards

Cath, Mirriwinni QLD

Hi Gai,
Thank you very much for your incredible colloidal silver as we really enjoy your product. My mother orders it all the time :).

Have a wonderful day.


Hello Gai,
Received my Colloidal Silver and have to say it’s the best one I’ve ever had & I’ve tried a lot in 20 years & nothing compares to yours so thank you so much.
The moment you take it you can feel the difference immediately your body just comes alive & I will endeavour to spread the word on this brilliant product, very grateful customer.

Warmest Regards

Christine, Chatswood NSW 2019


Just want to say THANK YOU for such a fantastic product !! i have just written a huge post on my personal facebook about your colloidal silver gel, recommending it to every single person I know. Purchased my very first jar yesterday in hopes of helping heal a coldsore from sun exposure and the result is phenomenal so far!!

I only get occasional coldsores due to excessive sun exposure/sun burn, I have tried so many coldsore creams from pharmacies and have never had results like this! In less than 24 hours it’s almost completely healed. I’ll attache a comparison picture for you to see. I’m over the moon!

My brother gets coldsores chronically, at least once a month so will be buying a jar for him to use as he has tried everything and is at his whits end. Cheers

Marlee, QLD 20.01.2017

Hi Gai,

I just wanted to tell you our story; my daughter at age 4 was diagnosed with inside/out allergies. Her skin head to toe, front and back would be covered in a rash. For 5 years I had spend $1000 of dollars on specialists, naturopaths, every cream invented, bleach batch you name it. Last year I had a gutfull I wanted to get her off steroids and antibiotics… so someone told me about your product. 1 year on we have not had one dose of antibiotics, steroids, creams etc since using the gel. I just wanted you to know how happy my daughter and I are that we found you, no more missed school, no more blood stained sheets, no ore tears! We are truly blessed, my daughter now has confidence of going to school without being teased. We just wanted to give your product a big WRAP and say thank you!

Kind regards

Skye & Dakota 06.02.2016