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Dear Customers

We will be away from the 3rd to the 20th of June and won't be able to fulfill your orders during this time. You are welcome to place your order and we will complete your order as soon as we get back.
We apologise for the inconvenience.

Colloidal Silver Gel

Colloidal Silver Gel and Liquid is made from 99.99% pure silver and ( triple-filtered “Nobles” Pureau Water ) with a natural mineral-based gelling agent added to thicken the silver liquid.

Natural Colloidal Silver. The Unique chemical free, water purifier in a jar. Beware of imitations and inferior products.

Water Treatment

Colloidal Silver is used in the purification and treatment of drinking water.


Conducting an online search of SAMSUNG, will return a listing of Washing machines, Air Conditioner and Refrigerator units that they produce, which utilise silver ions with the purpose of bacterial elimination.

Bacterial Removal

A similar search of the elastoplast website will also return a number of products that utilise silver and silver ions to facilitate bacterial removal.

Our Colloidal Silver Gel is:

~ Totally Natural ~ Organic ~ Petroleum and Oil free ~ Grease free ~ Perfume free ~ Chemicals and Colouring additives free ~ non Toxic ~ non Irritating ~ non Allergenic ~

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What our Customers say

Hi Gai,

Thank you very much for your incredible colloidal silver as we really enjoy your product. My mother orders it all the time :). Have a wonderful day.

Hi Gai,

Thanks heaps I love the silver & use it on everything. Kind regards

Cath, Mirriwinni QLD