A little bit about us

My husband John first started looking into making colloidal with a friend when we lived in Toowoomba Queensland.

They researched many different ideas. Before they finished their findings we move up to the Table Lands of Cairns and John continued working on the best and safest way to make the liquid and then the gel.

We found a site and bought some products from them but when we made it we didn’t feel it was totally natural as we wanted, so John kept researching.

After working on it for some time we came up with the perfect ingredients. Our colloidal was born. Totally natural, organic, no oils, greases, colouring or additives just 100% safe. Our colloidal silver liquid and gel can be taken orally or applied when needed.

That was back in 2004. My John past away back in 2010 but his hard work and dedication to these incredible products has passed all our expectations and here it is 2023 and it’s still the best and safest colloidal product on the market.